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18th Dec 2021

Demi Lovato sings to ghosts to help them overcome past trauma

Simon Bland


Who ya’ gonna call? Demi Lovato, apparently…

A clip from the new docu-series Unidentified With Demi Lovato claims to show the popular singer-songwriter serenading a ghost in order to help heal it of sexism trauma experienced in life.

Not only that, the performance was so good, it earned Lovato a standing ovation – or presumably a floating ovation – from the ghost.

A Peacock original, Unidentified with Demi Lovato follows the multi-talented singer, actor and star as they investigate various paranormal entities – from ghosts and spectres, to aliens and UFOs.

“Demi Lovato brings viewers on a road trip in search of definitive answers to some of the biggest questions about extraterrestrial life; joined by their sister, a few skeptical friends, leading alien experts and the occasional guest star,” says the show’s official synopsis.

In one recent clip, we see Lovato alongside friend Matthew Scott and paranormal investigator Chris Smith as they venture through a supposedly haunted ghost town in Arizona known as Vulture City.

At one point, eerie black-and-white night vision footage shows Levato talking with an invisible ghost who’s spirit appears to be lingering in what looks like an old house.

Known only as Carmen, Levato asks the ghost if has “seen anything like ETs here, or UFOs? Star people?” – referring to aliens or beings that are from another dimension or world.

However before long, Carmen falls silent.

“Did you not want to say anything else because the boys were in here?” Levato asks the ghost, which goes quiet when Levato’s male friends join them in the room.

“She has trauma, which is why she doesn’t. like men,” explains Levato.

“If I sing you a song, can my friends come back in the room?” they ask the ghost before a hearing a spooky knocking sound – which presumably means ‘yes’ in ghost-talk.

“I have trauma, too, so I feel you and I get it,” reasons the star, before belting out their hit song ‘Skyscraper’.

When she’s done, the machine the team are using to track the paranormal entity makes a beep sound, which the group interpret as a standing ovation.

Watch the clip below:

“That’s the coolest standing ovation I’ve ever had,” smiles Lovato.

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