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29th Jun 2018

Danny Dyer says he didn’t want his daughter to go on Love Island

Wil Jones

But now she’s in there, he wants her to win all the money

Unless you have been wilfully ignoring all pop culture this summer, you are probably aware that Dani Dyer – the daughter of Danny Dyer, the greatest actor that this country has ever produced – is currently on ITV2’s reality dating show Love Island.

And it turns out her straight talking, down to earth attitude has made her many viewers’ favourite contestant so far.

She’s been coupled up with Jack, even though they’ve just been separated with the introduction of the second ‘Casa Amor’.

Initially, Danny Dyer had been quiet on his daughter’s exploits in the villa. He used to be pretty active on Twitter, sharing deep musings on subjects like ducks and 9/11 – but in recent times his posts have become less frequent.

He did break his silence last week though, to say how much he missed her.

“I proper miss my baby girl now”.

On Thursday night though, he appeared on Good Evening Britain – a bizarre late-night version of Good Morning Britain that screened after the England – Belgium game and seemed to only exist to inflate Piers Morgan’s ego.

Dyer senior appeared on the show, and as well as calling David Cameron a twat and seemingly being the only person talking sense about Brexit, he was asked about Love Island. And he replied in a perfectly Danny Dyer way.

“My daughter is on Love Island, it’s a nutty thing.

“I didn’t want her to do it. I’d never seen it before, but you fear it as a father”.

Now she is in there though, he wants her to win the whole thing.

“It is what it is. It’s a game show. 50 grand is at stake, it’s a lot of dough and Dani is going to win it.

“She’s going to nick the reddies”.