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07th Sep 2023

Crocs announce Shrek-clogs are coming soon

George McKay

Shrek crocs

You can throw all your other shoes out now

Have you ever wanted a shoe that was the perfect mix of form and function? That you could wear to a job interview but also pull up to the club in?

Well look no further, because Crocs have announced a limited edition Shrek-inspired pair of their iconic clogs.

As you can see the shoe is Shrek’s instantly recognisable ogre green, with fluffy brown detailing on the heel strap.

Credit: Crocs

And just in case anyone was left in doubt about the inspiration for this art, there’s the glorious additions of ears and a nose to complete the look.

Quite understandably, the internet has been blown away with the news we seemingly have all been waiting for.

One fan raised a rather pertinent question at the news, asking: “how am I supposed to choose between the Shrek crocs and the lightning McQueen crocs”?

Others spoke for us all with the simple: “Oh we will be purchasing.”

This isn’t the first time the clog company has released an unexpected shoe. Back in 2021, Crocs teamed up with a fellow purveyor of the bizarre, Balenciaga, the brand famous for curating rather abstract garments for a high fashion market, and now, they have teamed up with everyone’s favourite comfort brand.

The design illustrates the classic Croc design but with a heel lifting the structure of the shoe. The sturdy heel is reminiscent of scaffolding or a random tube they had chilling around the studio.

Imagine pulling up to the club with these attached to your feet; you will undoubtedly be the talk of the dance floor and be comfortable for the entire night.

In an interview in 2017 with French Vogue, Balenciaga’s creative director Demna Gvasalia had nothing but good things to say about Crocs.

“We were inspired by Crocs, and we worked with them on a Balenciaga reinterpretation.

“Balenciaga x Crocs isn’t impossible; the question of taste is a very subjective value. We’ll see if this works in six months’ time in the stores.