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25th May 2022

Courtroom erupts in laughter after witness’ Johnny Depp statement

Danny Jones

Johnny Depp witness makes court laugh

Doesn’t mince his words, does he?

A witness taking the stand on behalf of Johnny Depp caused the Virginia County Courthouse to erupt in laughter after he was pretty forthright with his feelings toward the actor.

During cross-examination by Amber Heard‘s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft presented Morgan Night with the loaded question: “You are a pretty big fan of Johnny Depp aren’t you?”.

Safe to say, she didn’t get the answer she was hoping for…

As you can see, without a moment’s hesitation, Night simply replies by saying, “I am not”, causing the rest of the courtroom to break into laughter.

Attempting to follow up on his forthrightness, he goes on to assure that he did not want to be a part of this trial and shrugged off Bredehoft’s suggestion that he “seized the moment” to appear in a case he knew was being “broadcast to a lot of people”.

Night worked at the Hicksville trailer park in Joshua Tree National Park, California: the location where Heard alleges Depp stripped her and performed a cavity search during a trip with her ex-husband and a group of friends in 2013.

Heard’s lawyer then continues to suggest that the witness responded to a pro-Depp Twitter account called ‘[That] Umbrella Guy‘ and follows another account called Johnny Depp Fan (@justjdepp), to which Night responds: “I have no idea, I don’t care or follow The Umbrella Guy”. Both he and the courtroom once again chuckle at the rather blunt rebuke.

The high-profile trial is now in its final week and a verdict is expected to be announced shortly after the legal team’s closing arguments on Friday, May 27. You can see Night’s full testimony regarding the trailer park incident below:

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