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31st May 2018

Coronation Street viewers shocked as fan favourite makes a huge return

She's baaaaaack

Keeley Ryan

She’s baaaaaack.

Coronation Street viewers were shocked when a fan favourite character made a huge return to Weatherfield.

The dramatic scenes unfolded on Thursday night, as part of the long-running soap’s #PhelansRevenge storyline.

After breaking free of the builder’s yard where Gary had been holding him hostage, Phelan decided to pay a visit to his wife, Eileen.

But, before he left, he made sure to tie up both Sarah and Gary – and, seemingly, left them trapped for him to finish off upon his return.

Gary and his girlfriend Sarah managed to free themselves and, after hearing some noises outside, feared that the murderous builder had returned.

However, as they hid inside, Gary noticed who actually walked in the door – and sighed in relief.

“Well you took your time,” he told their rescuer, as both he and Sarah turned around.

A bemused Anna Windass quipped:

“So I’m guessing it hasn’t gone to plan, then.”

Fans last saw Anna earlier this year, when she was found guilty of pushing Seb off of a ladder (which, of course, Phelan actually did).

So they were only overjoyed at her big return to Weatherfield.

Phelan will continue his reign of terror in Weatherfield on Friday night, as he storms the Bistro – which just happens to be the same place where Michelle Connor and Robert Preston are saying ‘I do’.

According to Radio Times, the builder is already carrying a casualty, so he demands that Ali – Michelle’s son, who is also a GP – administer first aid.

In an effort to push him into acting, Phelan decides to take Michelle hostage, locking them both in the kitchen. But as police surround the venue, a shot will ring out…and it’s not looking too good for Michelle.