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27th Mar 2018

Coronation Street fans spot major blunder in mugging scene last night

Big Roy Cropper doing all sorts.

Kyle Picknell

Nothing gets past Corrie fans.

Coronation Street fans had to go for the difficult ordeal of watching Audrey Roberts get attacked by a group of thugs on last night’s episode, but the tension was eased somewhat by a glaring production gaffe that certain viewers managed to spot.

The salon owner was out in broad daylight when a dreaded BMX-hoodie gang struck, attempting to snatch her handbag by knocking her to the ground.

Fortunately big bad Roy Cropper was on hand to sort the pesky thieves out, giving them an old fashioned “yoink” manoeuvre back and securing the bag safely. Brian Packham, meanwhile, went full Randy Orton on them, appearing “out of nowhere!” to spear the hoodlums.

Which brings me to the blunder part, if none of the above was doing anything for you.

The blunder was this: certified Coronation Street stalwart Sue Nicholls, who is 74, did not actually get bashed onto the concrete by a teenager, but rather had a stunt double film the scene which, if you manage to rewatch and pause at the right time, does look pretty bad.

I know. Incredible, right?

The fact that viewers took the time to point this out is, ironically, pretty shocking itself isn’t it? No? No? Yes. Yes it is actually. It definitely is. What were they expecting? An elderly woman wanting to get smashed into the cold, wet pavement and break her hip  and spend the rest of her days in a wheelchair all for 5 seconds of Corrie footage?

Is that what they were expecting? Really?

Fortunately for all concerned, Sue Nicholls and her double Daz Parker, sustained no injuries whatsoever, whilst the character “only” suffered a few fractured bones. Only! That’s what you get for doing like a sack of spuds, Aubrey. Stay on your feet next time. Roy Cropper won’t always be around to save you.