Chilling fan theory about Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet in The Holiday is ruining film for fans 6 months ago

Chilling fan theory about Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet in The Holiday is ruining film for fans


Prepare to never think about the Christmas movie in the same way again

The Holiday is about two women that travel from their homes in the UK and the US to experience a Christmas somewhere else, right?


No. That's all wrong according to new fan theories about the classic Christmas film.

Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet's characters are both actually dead in the festive favourite, claims one user on the website.

In The Holiday, Diaz's character Amanda leaves her Los Angeles home to spend Christmas in a quiet Surrey cottage and temporarily escape her romantic troubles back in the States.


Meanwhile, Winslet's character Iris is similarly plagued by a bad man in Surrey, so she does a house swap with Amanda and ends up in shiny Los Angeles.

However, the theorist claims Iris and Amanda are actually ghosts.

Cameron Diaz is actually... dead? (Photo: Colombia Pictures)

"What if these two women, thousands of miles and several time zones away, shuffled off their mortal coils at the same time," the user wrote.

They added: "(Winslet's suicide attempt was in the evening, Diaz's terrible breakup ostensibly in the morning: considering one is in London and one is in California, these could be simultaneous) and their souls became entangled, presumably due to their complementing themes?

"Both Iris and Amanda have unfinished emotional business to resolve, and so the fates have ordained that they get a bit of time, a holiday, if you will, to sort themselves out before they're able to move on."

Another competing theory on Reddit suggests the Brits Iris and Graham, played by Jude Law, are alive and well but inviting the Americans over to steal all their money.


Jude Law and Cameron Diaz in The Holiday (Photo: Colombia Pictures)

"Kate Winslet and Jude Law are laying a trap where he will seduce Cameron Diaz, marry her, kill her, and inherit her fortune," writes one user.

"Jude Law already murdered his first wife so he could inherit her house.

"Now he and his sister have used the house swap scheme to get Cameron Diaz into their town, while Kate Winslet can investigate and make sure Cameron has enough money and property (and no family/entanglements) to be worth the effort of seducing her and then disposing of her.


"Kate is so overjoyed to see how grand and luxurious Cameron's house is because she knows she and Jude have hit the jackpot.

"Meanwhile, Jude carefully sets up an 'accidental' meeting and manipulates Cameron to develop a relationship and get his claws into her.

"Everything that follows is orchestrated to carry out their plot."

What do you reckon? Surely both women are dead, right? It makes total sense. Let us know below in the comments.

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