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12th Jun 2018

Camilla Thurlow has absolutely bodied Piers Morgan after he called Love Islanders ‘thick’

Send your boy to the burns unit

Oli Dugmore

Send your boy to the burns unit

Piers Morgan recently called the contestants of Love Island the “most stupid people in the world” which, whilst being demonstrably false albeit well-intentioned, had a great deal of people wondering if they had suddenly come down with disease compelling them to agree with the Good Morning Britain presenter.

Now Love Island series three contestant Camilla Thurlow has jumped to defend her brothers-and-sisters-in-thongs. The voice of the voiceless who have no idea what Morgan has said or indeed the capacity to rebuke him.

Thurlow tweeted: “In my opinion, categorising people who you’ve (apparently) never watched as thick demonstrates an incredibly restricted understanding of intelligence, and the idea that your interpretation is the only one that matters – slight superiority complex perhaps?”

Go on Camilla.

Piers replied: “Slight? No, I have a MASSIVE superiority complex over those Love Island halfwits” but Camilla left it at that.

Probs too busy reading Sapiens or disposing of a bomb somewhere. Fair cop.