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07th Nov 2018

A Breaking Bad film is coming

Shooting begins in just a few weeks

Breaking Bad, the hit TV series that followed the transformation of Walter White – a human doormat/chemistry teacher who discovers he has terminal cancer – into the criminal mastermind behind an extensive and ambitious drugs operation, is coming back as a film.

The Hollywood Reporter have, well, reported that the show’s creator Vince Gilligan is beginning work on the project this month, with filming taking place in Albuquerque, New Mexico where the original series was shot.

Gilligan is set to write, executive produce and could even direct the feature based on the show, which will focus on the story of a kidnapped man escaping to freedom.


It is unclear as of yet whether original stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, who played Walter White and his protege Jesse Pinkman respectively, will be involved but in the final episode of Season 5 of the show, Walter frees Jesse from a drugs compound where he was enslaved by a rival meth company.

Jesse escapes, but Walter is shot and surrounded by police as the series ends.

Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein, who worked as producers on both Breaking Bad and the popular spinoff Better Call Saul, are also both attached to the project, which has been given secret project title of ‘Greenbrier’.

The Breaking Bad movie would mark Gilligan’s first project to stem from the new three-year deal he signed with Sony in July.