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13th Apr 2016

Ben Affleck wants another go at making Batman awesome

Ben will be directing a new solo film, out in 2018

Carl Anka

Poor Ben Affleck.

The multimillionaire, Oscar winning actor has had a rough time of late, having been turned into meme of the moment, “Sad Affleck“, following his reaction to the less than stellar response to Batman vs. Superman.


Affleck’s portrayal of an older, punchier, more world-weary Batman was a small brightspot in the dingy, confusing CGI punchathon that was BvS,  so comic book fans should be pleased to hear news that Ben has been confirmed to direct and star in a new solo Batman film.

During a recent Warner Bros slate at CinemaCon, WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara confirmed rumours that Ben Affleck will indeed direct and star in The Batman a new solo movie that’s earmarked for a 2018 release.

As things stand, Affleck is already scheduled to reprise his role as Batman in Suicide Squad, as well as two additional Justice League features, so it’s looking like we’re going to get a lot more of Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight.

Batman directing and starring in his own movie? He really is a genius level superhero…