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08th Nov 2016

BBC reveal how they captured Planet Earth 2’s incredible iguana vs snake footage

This one doesn't end quite as well...

Simon Lloyd

By now, we’ve all had more than enough time to marvel at the first episode of Planet Earth 2, which aired on the BBC on Sunday evening.

Its highlight was undoubtedly the footage of the hatchling marine iguana which, in its first seconds of life, managed to  triumphantly negotiate its way across a snake-infested Galapagos island beach to reach the relative safety of a group of grown-up iguanas.

As we showed you on Monday, the stunning footage gripped more or less every one that watched it, considerably raising stress levels in the process.

Now, a couple of days on from the show, the BBC have released a behind the scenes video showing how the footage was recorded on their Earth Unplugged YouTube channel.

Unlike the video we shared with you yesterday, this footage doesn’t have such a happy ending for the iguana hatchling who, despite making a promising snake-free few seconds to his life, soon finds himself ambushed by… well… shit loads of the horrible limbless baby iguana-murdering little bastards.

Incredibly, this is the first time that snakes have been filmed hunting en masse – although not of them appear to be in a particularly sharing mood.

Nightmarish stuff. We’d be more than happy to organise some form of whip-round in order to build these hatchlings some form of safe snake-free underground passageway. Who’s with us?