BBC confirm that Luther will return on New Year’s Day 2 years ago

BBC confirm that Luther will return on New Year’s Day

We’re getting a massive shot of new Luther to start the new year

It has been almost three years since Detective Chief Inspector John Luthor last graced our screens.


The Idris Elba-starring cop show has been one of the best British dramas of recent years, with Elba’s no holds barred performance helping to create a character that could easily hold his own against any US crime show star you care to mention.

Of course, these days Idris Elba is an honest-to-god proper movie star, which means getting him to film six episodes of a BBC One show isn’t very easy – hence the delay. Production for season five began in June, but with a vague Christmas release air date slated.

Now however, the BBC has confirmed when season five will air. The first episode will debut on New Year’s Day, giving you something to watch while you are nursing your hangover.

Plus, we won’t have to wait long for the reason of the season either – the whole thing is going to air on consecutive nights, with all four parts being shown across January 1st to 4th.

Every episode will be on at 9pm on BBC One, and also on the iPlayer.

Last week, the first trailer for the new series dropped, confirming that Ruth Wilson’s character Alice Morgan is back – even though she appeared to be killed off in the last season.


Apart from that, it looks like business as usual for Luther, with him rocking his standard red tie and tweed jacket.

There have been 16 episodes of the show across four seasons, since it debuted in 2010.

Reports of a movie based on the show being in production continue to circulate, but as of yet, it has failed to materialise.