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01st Sep 2016

Mary Berry’s accidental sexual innuendo on Bake Off is pure TV gold

She's at it again

Matt Tate

The Great British Bake Off: you switch on for the cakes, you stay for the outrageous innuendo.

Social media went into meltdown on Wednesday night, when Mary Berry dropped what could be the best one-liner this series will produce.

The bakers had been tasked with making their best gingerbread story for the showstopper challenge, and as usual they went all out to impress the judges.

There were euphemisms flying around left, right and centre in the pre-watershed show, but it was Candice’s glorious gingerbread pub and its two tankards that produced the most entertainment.

Firstly, Candice, who would go on to be named the star baker for her efforts, asked host Mel Giedroyc: “Could you grab my jugs for me?”

It didn’t fall on deaf ears.

But that was just the support act for what was to come. When Mary Berry was later asked whether she’d like to try a bit of Candice’s champion gingerbread masterpiece, she cheerfully obliged: “I’ll eat a bit of carpet!”

Surely, surely, Bake Off is in on the joke here. No show can produce this much comedy gold by accident on such a regular basis.

Viewers were left stunned by the veteran judge’s admission.

And there were one or two that thought it topped anything that happened on Transfer Deadline Day.

We can’t argue.