"Arsenal should finish in the top two next season," Lethal Bizzle tells JOE 6 years ago

"Arsenal should finish in the top two next season," Lethal Bizzle tells JOE

You may know Lethal Bizzle for a few reasons...

First, he's a grime artist from London's Walthamstow, who loves Arsenal and Lamborghinis.


Then there's his successful clothing line Dench, derived from playing a video game with his cousin, former Gunners midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong.

He coined the word 'dench', which was recently added to the dictionary as an adjective used to compliment something, plastered it on hats and t-shirts and has made a fortune off the back of it.

Bizzle sat down with JOE to talk about the upcoming season - and shared his biggest regret...


How do you fancy Arsenal's chances next season? 

I'm quite confident. I think we're about two players away from maybe winning the league this season, which is an improvement - we're usually ten players away. I think two good signings; a striker, defensive midfielder.
We've got an amazing goalkeeper now, I think we've got so many fantastic attacking midfielders, I just think we could do with an extra striker to give Giroud and Welbeck some help up there to rotate it and keep it fresh. I'm aiming for a top-two finish.

Are you pleased about signing Petr Cech? 

Yeah, he's an amazing goalkeeper, he's still one of the best in the world. He's really big in the goal and having that psychological advantage always helps. He's a keeper that will keep us in the game at vital times and hopefully do like John Terry said, and win us 15 points.


Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur - Capital One Cup Final

If you could become Gunners' transfer king for a week, who would you sign? 

I'd nick Diego Costa to go up front. I'd grab Messi as well, why not, and I'd get Sergio Ramos for the back.


Do you have a season ticket for the Emirates?


I don't! I'm lucky enough to get a few cheeky invites from various people and know a few of the players so I'm looked after quite well. The thing is I wouldn't be able to go every game anyway.

Arsenal v Chelsea - Premier League

When was the last time you cried and why?  

I can't remember? I didn't cry at the FA Cup but I was there. It was a film but not sure which...

Aston Villa v Arsenal - FA Cup Final

Describe what happened on a bad day in the last six months? 

I went dry skiing, literally thought I was going to a disco, I wore my best clothes. I fell over, injured myself, ruined my best pair of jeans and favourite jacket. Then I thought it would be cool for my girl to drive my Lamborghini home...she drove it, we were going along a country lane and she scrapped the front wheel onto a kerb, and yeah my day was ruined.

Your biggest regret?

Letting my girlfriend drive my car.

Your biggest turn off?

I'm a big fan of hygiene, I don't really like smelly things, you got to smell clean and along the same vein, I don't really like smokers either, you should quit, it's no good.


Your biggest turn on?

Good smelling people and a good-looking plate of food.


Something your fans won’t know about you? 

My dad is a Tottenham fan, which is why I'm an Arsenal fan. He tried to make me like Tottenham and I didn't want to. So yeah, my dad's a Yid!

Spurs v Arsenal X

What's a favourite album you're listening to at the moment? 

Krept & Konan, The Long Way Home. It's a great album and there's some sick collaborations on there.


 - Lethal Bizzle was talking at JD Sports Oxford Street to celebrate the launch of the new Puma Arsenal away shirt.

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