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20th May 2017

Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron will be making another Terminator film

Paul Moore

The original duo are back for more destruction.

Truth be told, the legal rights surrounding the Terminator films are almost as confusing as any attempt to untangle the convoluted timeline that currently revolves around the T-800.

As reported by Deadline, James Cameron is on the cusp of regaining the full rights to the franchise but given the fact that Cameron will be tied up making the Avatar films, the Canadian director has another filmmaker in mind to direct a new Terminator film that would be “a reboot and conclusion” to the franchise.

Deadpool‘s Tim Miller is the man that Cameron wants and if he says yes, Miller will be working alongside the world’s most famous cybernetic organism.

Hasta la vista, baby because Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed to Screen Daily that he will be back in a new Terminator film.

Speaking at Cannes ahead of the release of his new environmentally-focused documentary Wonders Of The Sea 3D,  Schwarzenegger confirmed that he will star in a new Terminator film that’s produced by James Cameron.

“It is back. It is moving forward. He [Cameron] has some good ideas of how to continue with the franchise. I will be in the movie,” said Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger also confirmed that the rumoured sequel to his beloved comedy Twins, Triplets, could also go into production this year with Danny DeVito and Eddie Murphy co-starring in the film.

“The script will be finished in a month. It’s just around the corner,” he said.