Americans struggle to locate North Korea on a map 4 years ago

Americans struggle to locate North Korea on a map

*Points at Canada.

Donald Trump and North Korea were all over the news on Tuesday night when the President of the United States issued a warning saying that they would feel "fire and fury" if they didn't back down.


Amidst the panic that ensued after Trump's statement, the Jimmy Kimmel show took it upon themselves to find out, how many Americans know where North Korea is?

The host said:

"North Korea is the big story of the day, if not the year, but what I wonder is, how many Americans even know where North Korea is … and this is what we learned."


In a four-minute piece which took place on Hollywood Boulevard, Kimmel's behind the scenes crew asked people whether or not the United States should take military action if North Korea becomes a real threat.

Most of those interviewed said yes, absolutely. However, when those same individuals were asked to locate their 'new enemies' on a map that the crew had brought with them, it turned out they couldn't.

One woman said: "I don't know, I'm horrible at geography" before proceeding to point at Canada on the map in an attempt at a wild guess.

Some thought it was in the Middle East while one poor soul gestured toward Australia before eventually, someone said "it's in Asia" but was still unable to locate it on the map.


You can watch the full video here:

Clip via Jimmy Kimmel Live