Always Sunny creator shares details about the dark episode that even Frank wouldn't film 2 years ago

Always Sunny creator shares details about the dark episode that even Frank wouldn't film

Just like Gail the Snail, this prank was too depraved for Danny DeVito.

Throughout the course of Always Sunny history, we've seen the iconic Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito) do some really depraved and shady stuff.

Since being introduced at the start of Season 2, The Warthog/Dr. Mantis Toboggan has arguably proven himself to be the best member of the gang because his endless amount of money and total lack of morals are a joy to behold.

Who doesn't love a man that once said: "I love eggs, Charlie. And I love crabs. And I love boiling denim and banging whores." When he's not opening sweatshops in Vietnam, pooping the bed, or getting ripped shit on rum ham, Frank has moments of genius.

In his own words: " I don't know how many years on this Earth I got left. I'm going to get really weird with it."

Anyways, this might be the moment when he genuinely hit rock bottom and it's absolutely glorious.

Clip via - Frank Reynolds (Best of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

During a recent Reddit AMA, Glenn Howerton (Dennis Reynolds) was promoting his new show A.P Bio.

Naturally, the creator/writer of Always Sunny was asked a few questions about Philadelphia's most depraved gang and he revealed that "Frank is Danny dialed down to 6."

When asked if there was any scene/episode that  DeVito felt was 'too far', Howerton revealed that they once played a really dark prank on the Twins star by sending him a bogus script.

"We sent him a script once for April Fools Day where we basically just took a spec script that somebody sent us, and just took out Danny's storyline and put in a different storyline where he ends up going to jail. The first thing that happens is he goes to jail and gets raped. Then he joins the white supremacists to protect him, and they do at first and then they rape him. Then he goes to the prison guards and asks for help, and they rape him. And we sent him the script for April Fools Day and made it look all legit. And that was the first time he called us and was like, "I can't do this guys."

It's a minor miracle, we've finally found a moment that's even too depraved for Frank Reynolds.

Now we know what it feels like to be Gail the Snail.

Clip via - Sigve Hansen

Charlie Day has shared even more details about the prank they played on DeVito.

Clip via - Linsy Galati