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22nd Oct 2021

Alec Baldwin asked ‘why was I handed a loaded gun?’ after fatal on-set shooting

Kieran Galpin


It was a ‘hot gun’, says expert

Alex Baldwin was heard asking, ‘why was I handed a hot gun?’ numerous times after accidentally shooting and killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

On the set for his latest Western film Rust, Baldwin accidentally shot two colleagues, director Joel Souza, 48, and 42-year-old Halyna Hutchins. Joel Souza has reportedly been released from the hospital, but unfortunately, Hutchins died after being airlifted from Bonanza Creek Ranch.

Alec Baldwin: Everything we know so far about fatal set shooting of Halyna Hutchins

Police have not released much information regarding the shooting, only that a ‘projectile’ was fired by a ‘prop gun’.

A witness told Hollywood site Showbiz 411 that Baldwin, 63, immediately questioned why he was handed a ‘hot gun’.

A ‘hot gun’ typically refers to a firearm loaded with real ammunition. Though injuries from ‘blanks’ are rare, they do happen on occasion. Australian actor Rhys Muldoon told the BBC that it could be possible for material from the blank round to have struck Hutchins before causing part of the camera to hit Souza.

“There should have been blanks in the gun, the on-set armourer’s job is to check that before handing the weapon over,” said Mike Tristan, a Hollywood armourer with 30 years experience when he spoke to the Mail Online.

“They then make sure that the actor stands on a mark and never points the gun at the crew or cast… the editing makes it seem like they were pointing at their co-actor.

“That’s why everyone in the industry is very confused.

“How this happened is a total mystery at the moment.”

Tristan had previously worked with Baldwin, calling him ‘very safe’ and a ‘total professional’.

“I was surprised to hear it was him,” he said.

The sheriff’s department says the investigation is ongoing.

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