Adele watching Beyoncé's Coachella performance is giving us life 2 years ago

Adele watching Beyoncé's Coachella performance is giving us life

It doesn't matter who you are, Beyoncé gets us all.

We've all been there. Our favourite artist is performing on TV so we get off the couch, grab the closest can of deodorant to use as a microphone, start singing and start mimicking the dance moves we see on screen.

How about grabbing the closest trumpet? That might sound weird but that's exactly what Adele did this morning when watching Beyoncé's earth-shattering Coachella headline slot.

The singer took to her Instagram to post a series of videos of her watching Beyoncé slay and let's just say she was a little excited.

Channelling what we imagine everyone was feeling upon watching the "Single Ladies" singer's performance, these clips just further prove that Adele is a regular person just like us (aside from having a much better singing voice) and it's amazing!

The three moods of Adele can be seen below:

Mood 1 #Beychella

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Mood 2 #Beychella

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Mood 3 #Beychella

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The number one trending topic on social media, Beyoncé slayed Coachella so much so that fans are now calling for it to been renamed 'BeyChella'.

The first black woman to headline the festival, Bey made good on her promise that she would make up for cancelling last year's headline spot due to being pregnant with the twins.

Bringing out JAY-Z, Solange and reuniting with Destiny's Child, you can check out everything that happened during Beyoncé's Coachella performance here.