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03rd Apr 2024

A gritty, star-studded war movie has just been added to Netflix

Nina McLaughlin

“Best job I ever had.”

Netflix are going in strong as they kick off April, adding some brilliant movies to their selection over the past few days.

Among them is a gritty war film with an incredible cast – Fury.

The 2014 flick stars Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Peña, and Jon Bernthal as members of an American tank crew fighting in Nazi Germany during the final weeks of World War II.

Directed by David Ayer (Suicide Squad, End of Watch), Fury received positive reviews upon its release in 2014 and has become something of a cult classic among war movie fans.

Particularly standing out amongst the praise is the performances of the lead cast, the visceral action sequences and the portrayal of the true horrors of war.

Fury is also a rare example of a war movie from the perspective of tank crewmen, with Ayer taking inspiration from books like Belton Y. Cooper’s Death Traps, that focuses on the high casualty rates suffered by American tank crews during WW2.

A gritty, star-studded war movie has just been added to Netflix

Currently holding a solid 76% critic score and an 84% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, you can check out some of the reviews for Fury below.

Chicago Sun-Times – “Pitt is at the top of his game, playing a man who has forgotten whatever he used to be and has wholly embraced his role in this war.”

New Yorker – “Fury is literally visceral – a kind of war horror film, which is, of course, what good combat films should be.”

Empire – “A persuasive, warts-and-bolts depiction of warfare from the guts of a tank yoked to an overwrought, sub-Private Ryan account of innocence under fire – so a hit and a miss.”

LA Times – “If memorable war movies mean something to you, open that book to a new page and add “Fury” to the list. It belongs there.”

Some other great movies added to Netflix in recent days include Emily the Criminal, Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival and The Martian.

Also coming to Netflix in April are some really exciting movie additions, including In the Land of Saints and Sinners which features an all-star Irish cast, Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver, and Scoop.

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