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18th May 2017

21 Rick and Morty jokes that will always be absolutely hilarious

Paul Moore

It’s time to get riggity riggity wrecked son!

1. When Morty wanted Jessica to fall in love with him.

2. Rick’s escape plan.

5 minutes later…

3. Rick’s philosophy on love.

4. When Morty had to choose an adventure.

5. When Roy got TOO real.

Clip via – Adult Swim

6. Fuck yeah!

7. How to deal with people that aren’t as intelligent as you.

8. Jerry’s the worst.

9. When you’re ordering food.

10. Life is pointless.

11. Dealing with your enemies.

12. Snuffles strikes back.

13. “Awww, bitch. Don’t even trip dawg.”

Clip via – Adult Swim UK

14. “Principal Vagina, don’t let the name fool you I’m very much in charge”

15. When you really need to squanch.

16. The meaning of life.

17. Why does anyone drink?

18. When you’re cool as fuck but don’t know it.

Is this true?

19. Rick’s most iconic catchphrase…

..and the biggest jam in the universe. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!

20. Rick’s latest catchphrase: Part One…

Part Two

21. Morty’s memories of Rick.

Absolutely priceless.

Clip via –  4you