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20th Aug 2015

Is Jeremy Clarkson struggling to find production staff for his new show?


Last week we asked how you’d like to work with Jeremy Clarkson on his new show for Amazon Prime.

After being handed a huge budget to make a car series to rival Top Gear, Clarkson and Co have advertised for a variety of roles, which you can see here.

The only thing is, it doesn’t look like they’ve had many applications.

Although we’re struggling to think of a cooler job than jetting around the world shooting petrol-headed shenanigans, the show’s producers have had to cast the net far and wide to find eager candidates.

After initially posting vacancies in just the UK, they are now open to applicants from Australia too.

Hmm, we can’t think of any reasons why people would be reluctant to work with Clarkson given his exemplary track record…