Streamer who posed naked in front of Russian church faces jail 5 months ago

Streamer who posed naked in front of Russian church faces jail

The Kremlin is cracking down on influencer culture

The Russian streamer who posed naked in front of a church is facing some serious jail time for “insulting the religious feelings of believers.”


Polina Murugina faces fines of up to $4,109 and possibly a year behind bars if she is found guilty. The 24-year-old posed naked outside the Church of Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Moscow last summer.

Kremlin The picture in question/Via Social media/east2west news

While the photo was taken over a year ago, it has only just been reported to the police. As of writing, the influencer is yet to comment but she has taken down her Instagram.

Russia Polina Murugina, 24, was arrested a year after snapping the saucy snap/Via Social media/east2west news

Shockingly, this is but one instance of a broader trend. Last year, an influencer couple were jailed for their photoshoot close to St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow.


Tajikistan resident Ruslan Bobiev and his girlfriend Anastasia Chistova took images in a rather compromising position. While wearing a police jacket, Chistova crouched in front of her boyfriend to simulate a sex act that should not require explanation.

The couple were held for 10 days and fined 5,000 rubles, which equates to £51 - but the court also ordered the deportation of Bobiev.

They were later charged with “insulting religious feelings” and were later sentenced to 10 months in a penal colony.

The law was passed in 2013 and sees anyone insulting the feelings of religious believers face fines and jail time. Moscow passed the law after the anti-Kremlin music group Pussy Riot’s Punk Prayer performance.


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