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13th Jul 2021

Vaccine passports and face masks may be required for entry into sporting events after July 19th

According to a government source, vaccine passports and face masks are set to be required for entry into sporting events in England after July 19th

Alex Roberts

The news comes just days after Wembley hosted a jam-packed Euro 2020 final

Vaccine passports and face masks are set to be required for entry into sporting events in England after July 19th.

London’s Wembley Stadium played host to numerous Euro 2020 fixtures, including both semi-finals and the final.

Face coverings and proof of vaccination were not needed in order to gain entry, and social distancing measures were hardly enforced at all.

However, and quite confusingly, this could be set to change after ‘Freedom Day’ on July 19th, when the latest round of coronavirus restrictions are set to be lifted.

Rather than take masks off, fans seeking entry into sporting events in England may be asked to keep them on.

You may also need proof of having had a Covid vaccination to gain entry.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already said that large sporting venues have a duty to adopt such measures, “as a matter of social responsibility”.

Sporting bodies have previously criticised the government’s stance on the safe reopening of live events.

However, in order to remain open for the foreseeable future, and in particular during the winter when new restrictions may come into force, federations may be left with no choice but to adopt those suggested by the government from July 19th.

Speaking to Telegraph Sport, a government official said: “We are going to strongly encourage sports to use it [advice regarding vaccine passports and face coverings].

“Through guidance, we will be encouraging the use of masks. Certainly, an event organiser can put it as a condition of entry.”

Although it’s unclear which sporting competitions will be pressured to adopt the new rules, the government official told The Telegraph: “I think most Premier League and EFL clubs will be.”

One particular measure already in place in certain venues is staggered entry times. Piloted for use with weekend football and rugby internationals, this is likely to be less effective for mid-week Premier League and EFL games.

A Premier League source told The Telegraph it would present “a challenge” for supporters having to alter decades-old routines.

Elsewhere, plans have been proposed for pubs in the UK to adopt vaccine passports as a means of preventing a dreaded fourth wave of coronavirus.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid has also stated that the doubly-vaccinated will not need to self-isolate from August 16th onwards.