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03rd May 2020

UK anti-lockdown demonstrators protest ‘government tyranny’

Josh Kaplan

uk anti-lockdown protest

People in attendance called for an end to ‘government tyranny’

After much-publicised anti-lockdown protests across the United States drew ridicule and scorn, the United Kingdom saw the first of its own protests over the weekend.

Demonstrators congregated in central London calling for the government to reopen the country after six weeks in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The official government death toll from the virus is just over 28,000, though figures from the Office of National Statistics place that figure at closer to 45,000.

Despite these devastating numbers and the clear and present risk of assembling in large numbers right now, the protesters did just that, many without masks.

Protestors had their own reasons for wanting the lockdown to end, ranging from fears that it would usher in a dystopian future that’s a worse “version of Nazi Germany”, to believing that coronavirus is actually a false flag to allow the government to install 5G masts across the country.

What unified the demonstrators was their belief that the lockdown was wrong, their disregard for public safety, and a seemingly wilful lack of understanding of the burden their actions place on already struggling National Health Service.