Sadiq Khan calls on Boris Johnson to keep mask rules on public transport 4 months ago

Sadiq Khan calls on Boris Johnson to keep mask rules on public transport

Khan calls for masks on public transport

Sadiq Khan, the current mayor of London, has urged the PM to maintain a compulsory requirement to wear face coverings while on public transport. After the lockdown was extended last month, the public has discussed what the world may look like come July 19th.


Ahead of Johnson's announcement on the latest lockdown rules, Khan's spokeswoman relayed his opinions to the press:

“Today the mayor has had discussions with the TfL commissioner, and both are clear that the simplest and safest option going forward would be for the government to retain the requirement for face coverings on public transport,” said Mr Khan’s spokeswoman.

“Should the government lift the requirement for mandatory face coverings on public transport, TfL will have discussions with other train operating companies and the DfT about next steps and how to ensure passengers have the confidence to use public transport.”


A YouGov poll has revealed that the vast majority of people are still very much in favour of face masks. 71 per cent want them to continue to be mandatory on public transport, while on 21 per cent don't. 66 per cent also believe that face masks should still be worn in shops and some enclosed public spaces.

This begs the question, barring any health detriments, what is the big issue with wearing face masks for a little longer? Other people online are not happy at the proposal because somehow it infringes on their freedom?


"No issue if people want to wear face masks, but don't force ur fear on to me.. get the vaccine and if ur still scared wear a biohazard suit."

Johnny is keen to live his life:


Regardless of your position on wearing masks if they are not mandatory, we all want this to be over with. Hopefully, as restrictions lift, the UK will not turn into a chaotic cauldron of viral transmission, and Johnny can continue to live his life.