Nearly 2,000 cases linked to Scotland fans watching Euro 2020 games 1 year ago

Nearly 2,000 cases linked to Scotland fans watching Euro 2020 games

The Euros are causing another spike in covid cases

A report from Public Health Scotland has been released that shares some concerning news. A staggering 2,000 cases are linked directly to the Euros game.


Of the 1,991 cases registered by Public Health Scotland (PHS), two-thirds said they had travelled to London to watch the game on the 18th.

A PHS report said 55 cases were linked to fan dominated areas in Glasgow, while 38 and 37 were linked to Scotland v Croatia, and Scotland v Czech Republic at Hampden Park.

The figures show 1,470 cases with a Euro 2020 tag are people aged 20 to 39. Furthermore, nine out of ten of the cases were men. Scotland's Billy Gilmour had to self isolate after the match in question, as did Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell. The decision made by the FA was criticised online, with many people questioning why no one else on the Scottish team had to isolate.


This is but one of the many times the rules have been called into question. Because of their vague, pick and mix style phrasing, individuals choose what suits their needs best. Obviously, the most notable example is Matt Hancock, whose kissing exploits broke the internet last week.

Time will tell whether last nights historic game will have the same outcome, but it doesn't take a genius to work out just how badly this could go. After all, no one was wearing shirts, let alone face masks.


The report from PHS says, "all public health actions are taken in the close contacts of these Euro 2020 cases".