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10th Nov 2021

Matthew McConaughey says he won’t vaccinate his kids despite US approval

Kieran Galpin


Matthew McConaughey, most known for his countless Hollywood roles, may be making the jump to politics

Hollywood legend Matthew McConaughey has spoken out against vaccine mandates for kids despite being vaccinated himself and having publicised the vaccine to his followers.

“Right now I’m not vaccinating mine, I’ll tell you that,” McConaughey told New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin.

“I couldn’t mandate having to vaccinate the younger kids. I still want to find out more information,” he added.

Though the star seems rigid in his beliefs, it doesn’t seem to be because of wild conspiracy theories or outlandish attitudes about our bodies being equipped to deal with it. Instead, the Dallas Buyers Club star says his family has always been slow to get vaccines despite testing often due to his 90-year-old mother living with them.

Though his candour has been fairly well-received, U.S. Surgeon General Dr Vivek Murthy did not hold back when discussing the actors statement on CNN.

“This is an opportunity to protect our kids,” Murthy told the outlet.

He said that it’s completely fine to ask questions and debate validity with qualified sources but he also emphasised that “covid is not harmless in our children.

“Many kids have died. Sadly, hundreds of children ― thousands ― have been hospitalized,” he added.

He continued: “and as a dad of a child who has been hospitalized several years ago for another illness, I would never wish upon any parent they have a child that ends up in the hospital.”

This news comes as McConaughey toys with the idea of running for Texas governor against far-right Gov. Greg Abbott.

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