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27th May 2020

Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid caused spike in Covid-19 deaths

Wayne Farry

A game that should never have happened

A new report by the UK’s largest coronavirus tracking project has found that the decision to allow the Champions League match between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid to go ahead caused ‘increased suffering and death’.

The study, conducted by Professor Tim Spector of King’s College London, found that the game at Anfield, as well as the Cheltenham Festival, led to ‘hotspots’ of coronavirus.

This match took place on March 11, just days before Madrid went into lockdown, and at a time when it was already an epicentre for the spread of the virus in Spain. Nonetheless, 3,000 Atleti fans would travel to Liverpool for the game.

We spoke to Spanish football journalist Sid Lowe, who revealed that while many people had called for the game to be called off or for fans to stay at home, the responsibility lies with the government and experts, rather than the fans who made the decision to attend the game.

Liam Miller is one such Liverpool fan who attended the game, and he had admits that while he believes it should have been called off, with both the club and the government failing to say it was not safe, he would probably do the same again.