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26th Mar 2020

Inside Spain: One of the worst affected countries of the COVID-19 outbreak

Reuben Pinder

The country has struggled enormously with the COVID-19 outbreak

Despite having time to prepare and the examples of other countries to avoid replicating, Spain has found itself decimated by the outbreak of COVID-19. The country has the highest daily death toll of any nation since the pandemic began this year, with 738 dying in just 24 hours leading up to Wednesday.

Roughly 27.000 people are being treated in hospital for coronavirus in Spain and the country has fallen under lockdown in a bid to prevent further spread. We spoke to Maria, who lives in the city of Valencia, to find out the country has reacted to and how everyday citizens feel about the outbreak.

She paints the picture of an unprepared government and a public who struggled to take the pandemic seriously.