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07th May 2020

Every game of FIFA is a chance to have a proper conversation

Wayne Farry


Lockdown isn’t easy for anyone

Being confined within your home can take its toll on you emotionally and mentally, even if it is for the greater good. But there are things that we can do to try and make sure that those in our lives are doing well during lockdown.

That can be picking up the phone and having a chat, or hopping on a Skype call or FaceTime for some face-to-face communication. As unusual as it may sound to some, another way of doing this is picking up your console controller and having a game of FIFA.

Aware of the power of FIFA in starting conversations, Football Beyond Borders partnered with Dark Horses to create Football Beyond Walls, an initiative that pairs young people and professional footballers for a game of FIFA and a meaningful conversation about their lives in lockdown.

Fulham and Republic of Ireland defender Cyrus Christie joined two FBB members for a game of FIFA, with the highs and lows of their game juxtaposed, through the conversation with Cyrus, against the highs and lows of mental health.

As they open up, they begin to reveal some incredibly insightful thoughts about how to live in today’s world and deal with the lockdown.

Watch the full video below, and donate to Football Beyond Borders here.