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06th Apr 2020

British soldiers deliver essential supplies to frontline NHS staff

Oli Dugmore

This is a time for everyone to step up

As Britain faces the sort of challenge not seen since the Second World War, it has become obvious that now is the time for each citizen to play their part. For most of us playing our part will be as simple as not acting like a massive arsehole.

It will involve being at home, sitting down, staying inside and practicing social distancing. This is our job for the next while, and we better get good at it if we’re not already. For some though their part is much more daunting.

For NHS workers on the frontline up and down the country, each day brings a new threat. The number of COVID-19 infections and deaths is increasing every day, and NHS workers are among those who have passed away.

They require protective equipment right now more than anything, and often doctors and nurses up and down the country are being forced to work with equipment that doesn’t meet standards.

Throughout all of this, though, the British military is making sure frontline staff get supplies they need. Some have fallen ill, but their colleagues are ready to step into their shoes.