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30th Mar 2020

A message from NHS workers


“I’ve never been so proud to do the job I’m doing, but I’ve also never been so scared”

Right now, the United Kingdom is in the grip of the greatest threat to life its seen since World War II. The outbreak of COVID-19 has killed more than a thousand people, and is projected to take the lives of many more.

No group of people are facing the brunt of the outbreak more than those working in our National Health Service. Day and night, doctors, nurses, paramedics and hospital cleaners are working tirelessly to treat the ill and ensure those treating the ill can do so in the cleanest possible conditions.

Despite their best efforts, they have been hamstrung by a lack of personal protective equipment, as well as a lack of clear messaging from government, which has led to the public sometimes not knowing whether to take the outbreak seriously or, at times, simply flagrantly disobeying guidelines.

At this time, when we are yet to see the true brunt of COVID-19 on these shores, the best thing you can do for the NHS is to stay at home and stay safe.

This is a message from NHS workers saving lives on the frontlines of the pandemic.