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Boys Don't Cry

02nd May 2019

Chloe Madeley admits she doesn’t want James Haskell going on Strictly Come Dancing

Wil Jones

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“He knows I don’t want him to do it”

On the latest episode of JOE podcast Boys Don’t Cry, Chloe Madeley has admitted that she wouldn’t want her husband James Haskell going on Strictly Come Dancing.

It is all because of the so-called ‘curse’ of the show, where contestants end up having an affair with their dance partner.

The married couple were both guests on the show, which this week tackled the topic of envy and jealousy in relationships.

Host Russell Kane asked how she would react if former England rugby star Haskell was asked to be on the show. Her response: “He knows I don’t want him to do it.”

“We know a lot of people as well who have done it, who are like [No],” continued Madeley.

Haskell himself said that he has “never wanted to do it”, so it is not an issue anyway.

Russell Kane agreeed, saying that he has had similar conversations with his wife.

“Lindsay said recently, 90 per cent serious, 10 per cent joking, there’s no Strictly for me,” said Kane. “I’m not doing Strictly Come Dancing no matter what offer comes in. It’s just not happening.”

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