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Boys Don't Cry

25th Apr 2019

Russell Kane: Why do women always fancy men who are out with their kids?


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“My brother used to take me and my sister out to the park and he would clean up”

On this week’s episode of Boys Don’t Cry, the panel integrates why women often melt at the knees at the sign of a dad looking after his child.

“A guy who goes ‘Actually I’ll change the nappy this time’ is seen as like ‘Oh my gosh, you have found yourself this god-like man! Where did you get him?'” says guest AJ Odudu.

“There is just like a massive pat on the back for guys who literally look after their own child. What is that about?” she continued, adding that “looking after your child”‘ should be pretty standard human decency and not some heroic character trait.

She also spoke about her older brother using it as a trick to get female attention when she was little.

“My big brother used to take me and my younger sister out and about, to the park, and he would clean up [with] these girls. Back in the day, when you couldn’t slide into a DM, you had to actually…”

“Slide into a pram,” host Russell Kane dives in with, before agreeing that every time he is out with his daughter, he is flocked by girls.

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