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Boys Don't Cry

26th Mar 2019

Sex education in schools is ‘totally removed from reality’ says Russell Kane

Wil Jones

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“There was a cartoon willy and it was hilarious”

What was sex education like at your school? Did a science teacher just stick on a video and leave the room? Did you sheepishly giggle through the whole lesson? Did you learn more from the playground or the internet?

Sex education is important, but it is something we still don’t really do properly. Sure, we get taught the clinical science about it, that a sperm fertilises an egg and that creates a baby – but we get told nothing about the actual realities of sex and relationships.

The latest episode of JOE podcast Boy’s Don’t Cry tackles virginity and host Russell Kane uses it to rally against our outdated sex education lessons, saying that they are “totally removed from the reality” of real-life sex and dating.

“It is totally removed from the reality of ‘We’ve both had a glass of wine, I’ve got this girl’s pants down, everything’s going on’,” says Kane. “There is nothing I received at school that helped me with that moment. And it bloody well should in my opinion.

“I think [it should cover] relationships, boundaries, and consent… Sex is slightly different from ‘A sperm and an egg create a baby’. But they shouldn’t be separated.”

Guest comedian Luke Kempner agrees with him, saying his sex education lessons quickly descended into fits of giggles.

“You need a charismatic teacher. Just someone who’s a bit more open,” says Kempner.

“All us lads found it hilarious. Everything about sex education was funny – there was a cartoon willy and it was hilarious. It was never just ‘Guys, this is what it is’.”

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