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Boys Don't Cry

03rd Apr 2019

Different jokes and humour are the biggest barrier to age gap relationships says Russell Kane

Wil Jones

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“Younger guys tend to have a lot more natural confidence”

People say age is just a state of mind. But we all know that’s not true – especially when it comes to relationships.

There is no reason why a couple cannot have a long and happy relationship or even marriage if there is a decade or more between their respective ages. but things rarely pan out like that.

Can love conquer all? What if one partner wants to party all night, and the other just wants to put their feet up. Or what about the pop culture references – if you watched different generations of cartoons and listened to different pop bands growing up, how will you get each other’s jokes?

The generation gap is discussed on this week’s episode of Boys Don’t Cry, and host Russell Kane points out what he thinks is the biggest hurdle for age gap relationships.

“I’ll tell you one thing that I think does freak women and men out: sense of humour,” Kane explains.

“Even if you’re into some band that I’ve never heard of and I’m 20 years older than you, that’s a few dates for me to learn what bands you like,” Kane continues.

“But things that make me laugh might not be the things that make a woman who is 15 years younger than me laugh. That is a problem.”

TV presenter and guest on the episode AJ Odudu also gave her view from the female perspective.

“What I’ve found is that younger guys tend to have a lot more natural confidence,” says Odudu.“I think there is this ‘go-get-her’ attitude that they have. They just have this attitude of ‘Yeah, well, it’s fine. If she knocks me back, it’s cool.’ Their lives haven’t been jaded by rejection yet.

“Whereas an older guy, probably because of mortgages, and work, and responsibilities [aren’t like that]. I don’t know, they are just a bit more uptight – in my experience.”

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