Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez disagree on how 'The Notorious' got his mink coat 4 years ago

Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez disagree on how 'The Notorious' got his mink coat

Eddie Alvarez wasn't alone in noticing that Conor McGregor's flashy mink coat still had the price tag hanging from it at the UFC 205 pre-fight press conference.

It speaks to the swankiness of the costume choice that it was one of the most talked about elements of the promotional event which also saw a folding chair almost thrown and accusations of infidelity.


'The Notorious' showed up late, as per usual, for the press conference and casually brushed the dust off his bright white coat after the scuffle before he took his seat.


It was noticed that the attire sported by the reigning UFC featherweight champion, who can make history if he claims lightweight gold with a victory over Alvarez on Saturday night, was actually an homage to heavyweight great Joe Frazier, who wore a similar ensemble ahead of his rematch with Muhammad Ali in Madison Square Garden, the same venue that will host UFC 205 this weekend.

But the fact that the price tag remained on the Gucci coat led Alvarez to believe that the Irishman hadn't actually bought it and chose to rent the pricey threads to make himself seem more well off.

Speaking to ESPN in the wake of the chaotic press conference, Alvarez and McGregor exchanged opinions on how the coat came in to the Dubliner's possession and here's how it played out.


Conor McGregor: "I was in Gucci picking up this mink. It's worth Eddie's show money.
Eddie Alvarez: "It's funny. I saw the tags hanging from it. I think he rented it so you got found out. The tags were still hanging from your mink. Either buy it or don't buy it, man. Come on."
CM: "That cost more than your show purse, Eddie."
EA: "Yeah but you didn't buy it though."
CM: "I bought it all cash!"
EA: "You didn't buy it!"
CM: "All cash!"
EA: "Then take the tags off, Conor.... I think he stole it."

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