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08th Jul 2017

This is surely the most creative use of Twitter in the history of the social media platform

Paul Moore

Bravo. This is superb.

Like any form of communication, Twitter does have some negatives as seen by the increase in cyber-bullying and the frequent stream of harassment that certain users get from anonymous trolls.

This being said, nothing can detract from the levels of entertainment, enjoyment and education that the social media platform has provided because since its introduction, Twitter has revolutionised how we all communicate with each other.

Aside from being an excellent source  of breaking news – and in some cases, the only source that’s devoid of censorship – the social media platform has provided hours of entertainment and connected users with some extremely creative, witty and talented people from around the world.

With a following of 2.2 million people, you might excuse the Carolina Panthers if they decided to get a bit complacent with their social media presence – the NFL side have been active since July 2009 and have a loyal fanbase – but rather than revert to the generic ‘tried and tested’ format of sending out generic and bland tweets, they got extremely creative.

On Friday evening, the club’s official account sent out this cryptic and curious tweet. It all makes sense though when you flick down through their recent timeline and read the very first word that appears in every tweet.

Ladies and gents, isn’t this just the most creative use of Twitter that you’ve seen in ages?

This was all planned over the space of three days.

Just read the first word from the following messages. Trust us, it’s fresh.

After reading this, we feel that this is appropriate.