Tesla announces electric Cyberquad for kids 7 months ago

Tesla announces electric Cyberquad for kids

Someone buy us a Cyberquad

Tesla has just launched a $1,900 (£1,427) high-tech four-wheel ATV for kids - just in time for Christmas. Would you buy one?


The announcement comes two years after Tesla unveiled its full-size Cyberquad ATV to match its Cybertruck - which we understand sounds a little like sci-fi jargon...


The Cyberquad for kids is available to order immediately from Tesla's website and will begin shipping in the next few weeks.

The vehicle itself is designed for children aged eight years and up - but we guess a six-year-old proficient driver could also master the bite-size ATV.


Not that kids will care in the slightest - but the ATV includes a steel frame, cushioned seat, LED light bars and adjustable suspension with rear disk braking.

After charging the device for a max of five hours, the battery will power the car for up to 15 miles, which your kid will be able to travel at a max speed of 10mph. That said, there are currently three speeds installed - those being 5mph, 10mph and also 5mph in reverse.

Unfortunately, the Cyberquad is currently only shipping in the US so it might be best to buy a bulk standard one that will undoubtedly cost half the price.


In other tech news, you can now get paid £150,000 to let a robot use your face and voice. Tech company Promobot is hunting for people who are willing to sell their image for robots to use.

Be wary though. Imagine, in the dead of night, your robot replica takes your place, stealing your life and driving your missus around on its Tesla Cyberquad. Pretty scary, right?

With the company website stating that it received over 20,000 applications in the space of a day, it can be assumed they have more than enough faces to steal.

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