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03rd Jul 2019

Shure MV88+ Video Kit review: top-quality, stress-free audio recording that anyone can use

Fran Golinski Drinkwater

For all budding creators, the Shure MV88+ Video Kit is an excellent way to make videos with top-quality audio

The kit contains a top-quality Shure microphone, complete with a variety of stereo widths – in other words, you can choose which parts of the microphone pick up sound, whether facing straight ahead to pick up a single voice, or from the sides, if you wanted to pick up more ambient sounds, or combinations thereof.

Also included are a sturdy tripod, a phone attachment – compatible with any mobile phone – and all the necessary cables.

Useful for anyone who wants to record audio outside or on the go, be it vlogging, podcasting, interviewing, recording live music or making films, the Shure MV88+ has options for everyone.

If you have less experience of recording equipment or are overwhelmed by technology, it’s a great option because it simplifies the amount of kit you’ll need. It is compact and light-weight, but professional quality.

The video is shot through your phone, using the ShurePlus MOTIV video app, meaning you can utilise the ever-advancing quality of phone cameras, while surpassing the sometimes dodgy phone microphones.

The app also allows you to change multiple settings which you can’t easily access on your phone – frame rate, resolution, etc.

The physical set-up is intuitive, as are the free MOTIV apps. The kit is compatible with Android and iOS; it comes with both Lightning and USB-c cables.

In short, if you’re looking for a simple solution for your phone’s perhaps less-than-enviable audio quality, this is the solution for you. The RRP of £199.99 may shift this out of your ideal price bracket if you’re a beginner, but with the price tag comes unbeatable quality.