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26th Oct 2017

Instagram’s newest feature will become even more popular than the boomerang

Expect to see a lot of this


There, we said it.

It has been over ten years since we were introduced to this video and over 48 million views later and just as many laughs later, it still gets us right in the funny bone each time.

Have you ever thought to yourself ‘I would love to be able to record a similar video on myself or even better still, of one of my friends in a moment when they are not looking so good?’

Well you, my friend, are in luck.

Instagram has introduced a new Superzoom feature which has every capability to be as successful, if not more successful than the creative Boomerang tool.

Dramatic zooms are popular, we don’t know why but people love zooming in close up on the faces of their friends and family. It gets a great reaction from both the person filming and the person being filmed.

Instagram’s new tool, however, is going to make that zoom even faster and better than you have been able to do before this.

Superzoom, which is rolling out today (26 October) on Android and iOS, “lets you create a Dramatic Chipmunk-style zoom with a single tap.”

All you have to do is highlight the tool in the story camera, chose the front or rear-facing camera and then tap the record button.

If you tap it once, it creates a 3-second Superzoom but you can hold it to create a longer one and all Superzooms include dramatic music to heighten the hilarious effect.

The introduction of Instagram’s poll feature hasn’t been as successful as the famous Boomerang but with this release, they have really upped the game, especially for those who are dedicated to having a few Insta stories up each day.

It’s going to be very popular and after that happens, much like the Boomerang, it’s going to become repetitive and annoying.