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05th Jul 2017

Youngster has towel ripped away by old a-hole in Wimbledon crowd

D*ck move

Darragh Murphy

At least Jack Sock is doing the right thing.

Wimbledon is supposed to be a classy event, with players’ concentration observed perfectly via hushed silences and applause offered to all competitors, regardless of where fans’ allegiances lie.

But this guy clearly didn’t get the memo that dick behaviour should be left at the entrance because he robbed a youngster of a souvenir that he had clearly requested.

During Jack Sock’s first round match against Chile’s Christian Garin on Tuesday, a young fan in the crowd very obviously asked the American for the towel he’d been using so that he could take it home as a keepsake.

Sock, being a class act, duly tossed it in the lad’s direction but, unfortunately, it landed in between the youngster and an older gentleman with a relentless desire to snatch the towel from the boy’s grasp.

The man’s strength was too much and he won out, much to the contempt of those watching from home.

That’s a real arsehole move.

But, as we’ve seen before, Sock is nothing but class and he took to Twitter after the match, which he won in four sets, to seek out the disappointed fan.

Having been let down at Wimbledon, the youngster will likely benefit from the generosity of the US Open and Australian Open, both of whom have vowed to send him towels.

Judy Murray, meanwhile, has slammed the towel-snatcher and claimed that he ought to be ashamed of his actions.