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11th Jul 2022

That’s it, we’ve found the worst miss in the history of football

Simon Lloyd


William Akio. Remember the name. Read it, say it aloud. It is a name we all should know; a name we all will know.

With one swing of his right boot, Akio etched his name into the history of association football on Sunday afternoon, producing a miss so bad, it makes that infamous Ronnie Rosenthal effort look like a difficult chance.

The South Sudanese forward turned out for Valour FC as they took on Halifax Wanderers in the the Canadian Premier League. With little over 15 minutes played, Akio was presented with literally – and we really do mean *literally* – the easiest opportunity he will ever, ever get.

The ball bouncing kindly for his teammate Moses Dyer on the left wing, Akio made his way into the penalty area on the far side of the field, anticipating a cross. Dyer instead squared a pass for Alessandro Riggi, whose shot from the edge of the six-yard box squirmed under the goalkeeper and was trickling over the line for the opening goal.

Step forward William Akio.

Ignoring the fact that none of the opposition defenders had a chance of getting to the ball in time, Akio charged forward, making absolutely certain the ball would cross the line. In fact, at least 75 per cent of the ball had crossed the line when his boot made contact.

Somehow though – and we still can’t believe how he manages it – Akio manages to slice the ball with his instep, away from the goal, out for a throw in on the far touchline.

Assuming you’ve not scrolled down and watched it already, here. Look at it. It genuinely defies belief.

Fortunately for Akio, who was later substituted, the miss didn’t prove too costly. Seven minutes from time, Dyer was able to score the only goal of the game, sealing the win.

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