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24th Dec 2016

These two guys were staging a mock fight in Dublin when Conor McGregor showed up

“You’ll do nothin’”

Conor Heneghan

It can be very awkward when you’re doing an impersonation of someone and all of a sudden they appear out of nowhere, but we don’t think a couple of gentlemen in Dublin minded it happening to them last night.

Mark McGroarty and Paddy Lavelle were enjoying the Human Centred Movement Christmas Party on Friday night when they started to stage a pretend UFC fight on Dublin’s Camden Street for a laugh.

A passer-by got in on the act, jokily repeating Conor McGregor’s now famous “You’ll do nothin’” line as he walked by, when all of a sudden, a left-hand drive Cadillac Escalade appeared and the driver pulled up to say hello.

The occupant in the passenger seat of that Cadillac Escalade? None other than Conor McGregor, whose appearance drew a brilliant reaction from Mark and Paddy when they went up to the car to say hello.

Video via Jason Cooney

While it’s not 100% clear that it’s McGregor in the footage, it does look a lot like him and he does appear to be wearing the same jacket he was wearing in a series of Instagram posts on Friday.

Besides, the reaction of the two fellas speaks for itself and furthermore, how many people would you find spinning round in a car like that around Dublin?

That’s Christmas made for Mark and Paddy anyway; they’ll be telling this story for years.

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