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23rd Jan 2016

This brutal ONE Championship knock-out came via… submission escape (Video)


Ben Kiely

If you can find a greater guillotine escape, we want to see it.

Fans tuning into the One Championship event on Saturday morning witnessed a truly spectacular moment during the clash between Tang De Pan and Biao Zhou.

Zhou pulled guard and tried his best to lock in a guillotine from bottom to end the bout early. However, things didn’t go exactly to plan for poor old Zhou, as his opponent had other ideas besides tapping out early.

Pan lifted his opponent off the mat and hurled him backwards, driving Zhou’s head into the canvas, knocking him out.

To cap it all off/ remind everyone what promotion we were watching, he capped off the victory with a vicious football kick to the back of his opponent’s head while he lay motionless on the ground.

Submission escapes don’t come much more devastating than this.