WATCH: Jamie Carragher calls out Jurgen Klopp for making the same one mistake over and over 1 year ago

WATCH: Jamie Carragher calls out Jurgen Klopp for making the same one mistake over and over

Jamie Carragher is a Jurgen Klopp fan.

Jesus Christ, who isn't?

As a tiny example of the excitement and freedom that the German has brought to the Premier League, no other manager would even think about deploying Adam Lallana in a middle three - not when you already have three attackers on the team. They'd find space for him somewhere on up the pitch... in a 'safer' position.

Klopp? Klopp just bloody goes for it. He just wants to dominate teams and, for the most part, Liverpool do.

There's just one problem though and it happens to be a big, massive, unforgivable problem. Liverpool are shipping goals like it's nobody business. They did it last year, they did it under Brendan Rodgers and it does not look like they're even trying to solve that issue.

"He hasn't fixed that or rectified it and that's a big worry," club legend Jamie Carragher said in a brilliant piece of analysis on Sky Sports' Monday Night Football.

The stats don't lie.


Once again, the 'Pool are on course to concede 50 goals in a Premier League season. Whilst we'll look back at James Milner's career and label him as one of the most valuable players the league has ever seen, he's not a left back. And God almighty, poor Lucas Leiva is not a centre half.

Even with their full compliment, Liverpool's defensive woes never seem a mile away and Jamie Carragher can't believe it's continually being allowed to happen.

"There's no way you can win anything conceding that amount of goals, it's just impossible to do that," he said.

"I said before the game, Liverpool always play the same way. What's wrong with Liverpool going to a side like Leicester and saying, 'Okay, want do they want? They want us to have the ball and then they want to win the ball and Vardy... go.'

"Flip it the other way, drop off, let them have the ball. Let Morgan and Huth have the ball: 'Come on, what are you going to do? Come on. We'll use Mané's pace.'

"The same thing is always happening. Liverpool's two centre backs on the half way line, it was Andre Gray [Burnley], it was Niasse against the Hull, it was Vardy tonight and I just don't know why it hasn't changed or there's no difference in tactics or he hasn't set up a different plan.

"I think he's got far too much faith in certain players."

That different approach or a different way of winning should be a priority for Liverpool managers but it hasn't been in recent times.

"Liverpool can't do what Manchester United did in the summer when they're not happy: go and get a world class striker, Ibrahimovic, or go and break the world record for Pogba - get these players who change games.

"Alexis Sanchez has the choice of Arsenal or Liverpool - he goes to Arsenal."

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