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17th Apr 2017

Viewers go wild for ArsenalFan TV star’s special slow motion appearance on Monday Night Football

Effortless cool

Simon Lloyd

Largely down to Arsenal’s recent woes, ArsenalFan TV has become impossible to avoid over the last couple of seasons.

As the #WengerOut campaign has swelled in strength and numbers, the post-match interviews conducted by host Robbie with various disgruntled fans have become essential viewing for football fans up and down the land.

Such is its popularity, some of the more regular fans to have featured on it have achieved something resembling celebrity status.

One of those is Ty – a man whose quite incredible dedication to decorating his entire body in Arsenal merchandise is something that makes him instantly recognisable.

Ahead of Arsenal’s must-win match against Middlesbrough on Monday evening, Ty popped up a good three hours or so before anyone would’ve expected him to. Instead of waiting for a post-match YouTube rant from him, viewers of Sky Sports’ pre-match coverage spotted a short clip of him making his way to the Riverside. Not just that, Sky even gave it the slow motion treatment…

Effortless cool from the man, we’re sure you’ll agree. In fact, the slowed down footage and his trademark headphones-around-neck look made it look as if he was about to be given the nod by Arsene Wenger to start the match, a point highlighted by plenty on Twitter.

Although it was only a mere glimpse, it was enough for those that witnessed it to get very excited indeed.

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