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13th Dec 2015

VIDEO: Heartbreaking footage of broken Jose Aldo in post-fight locker room

Poor bloke

Patrick McCarry

This is a tough watch.

After 10 unbeaten years at the top of his game, Jose Aldo was demolished in 13 shell-shocking seconds by Conor McGregor at UFC 194.

Aldo was in tears after the event but called for a rematch. It remains to be seen whether or not that will take place as the likes of Frankie Edgar and Max Holloway are lining up for a tilt at McGregor.

There was a fixed-place video camera in Aldo’s dressing room and it captured the sheer devastation of the defeated champion.

Aldo tears

Aldo’s team gather around to console him soon after his despondent entrance [above] but they have their work cut out.

Go to 1hr 40mins in the four-hour video below…