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07th Apr 2017

UFC reportedly want an outrageous cut of Conor McGregor’s purse for Floyd Mayweather fight

Inside information

Ben Kiely

To money! The cause of and solution to all of life’s problems.

What does your average Conor McGregor fan want to see more than anything? That’s right, they want to see one of the best fighters in the world actually fight.

However, right now, it feels like we couldn’t be further from seeing ‘the Notorious’ let that patented Celtic Cross fly at some poor fool’s chin. A wee break while awaiting the birth of his baby is perfectly understandable, but all the rumours of this proposed super -ight against Floyd Mayweather are getting frustrating.

People may call it a ridiculous circus sideshow, but the diamond-encrusted panty night is guaranteed to smash every PPV record going. If and when it does get booked, there’s going to a lot of moolah banked, but according to Floyd Mayweather’s uncle, the almighty dollar is proving to be a stumbling block.

It seems that in order for McGregor to secure the biggest fight of his career, he’s going to have to strike some sort of a deal with the UFC.

As Jeff Mayweather told Eyes on the Game the promotion are looking for a staggering cut of McGregor’s payday. Although he will still bank more money than he has for any other fight, Jeff understands why the Dubliner would be reluctant to sign that deal.

“I think the whole world is waiting for it. It’s a fight that, right now, is just kind of up in the air because, like I said, the last I heard is Conor McGregor has to take a horrendous split – 80-20 per cent.

“He would have to take 20 per cent if he’s allowed to fight. The one thing is, Dana is his boss, and he’ll still make more money than he ever did, but at the same time, that’s a tough pill to swallow. If somebody tells you, ‘I’m going to take 80 percent of your money,’  and you’re the one who’s fighting for it, that’s still a tough pill to swallow even if you’re making more money than you ever did but, it is what it is.”

Jeff believes that the UFC’s angling for such a big slice of that sweet, sweet pie is what’s hindering progression. Floyd is willing to put pen to paper, the ball’s in McGregor’s court now.

“Yes, I think that that’s the major issue. If he signed the contract, the fight would be made. If I was Floyd, I’d be licking my chops and that’s what he’s doing. That’s why Floyd has no problem signing the contract. It’s up to Conor. We’ll see what he does.

“The talk about that fight has kind of died down now. Like I said, if Conor makes the agreement and does what Dana asked of him, the whole world would have to stop waiting and the fight would be made.”

No wonder Dana White dramatically changed his tune about this fight actually happening!